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A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

Me on left.

  1. I live in Brisbane, Australia.
  2. I am studying history.
  3. I can’t ride a bicycle.
  4. I am obsessed with The Strokes.
  5. I obsess a lot. And my obsessions change, weekly.
  6. Julian Casablancas changed my life.
  7. I hate cauliflower.
  8. I have never been in love, and part of me doesn’t ever want to be. 
  9. I like blue mountain tea.
  10. I have lived in Vanuatu.
  11. I cry every time I hear the song The Modern Age.
  12. One day I will work at the Tate Modern.
  13. I’m really, really shy.
  14. I drink way too much and lose my memory a lot. I think it hurts my mum.
  15. I’m in a lot of debt.

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22 June 2010 @ 12:49 pm
Day 1 & 2:

(because I was pooped from yesterday, I am combining these little posts.)

Yesterday was my first session at the gym for 2010. I did an hour of treadmill, rowing and that dreaded bicycle where you peddle and peddle and don't get anywhere. Today, the same, except I had to stop rowing every few minutes cause it hurt.

I have also completely changed my food intake. I have cut down my carbs, I have now accepted that I am lactose intolerant so I can't drink milk without becoming full of phlegm and i am drinking shit loads of tea. Nettle tea, red clover tea, green tea, chamomile tea. You name the leaf, I'm drinking it.
And I feel good. Already my skin has cleared up. And it's been two days. Or really a day and a half.
I have also been working on my self control - last night Zoe, my housemate, had the rest of the lamington cake that has been holding court in our fridge *motherfucker* and she asked if I wanted some and I did, but not as much as I would have before, so I took a deep breath said no and had a banana instead. And a shitload of chamomile tea. So much chamomile in fact, that I felt a little high..

*sniggers* I remember the fist and last time I was high. Robin Williams is so funny. So, so funny.

Anyway, I want to track my progress on here. As soon as people find out that I'm trying to lose weight they will ask me questions and expect me to actually lose that weight and as we know I hate to disappoint people. So here we go...

Current weight: 75.3 kg

I would like to lose at least 15kg. Honestly, my mum keeps saying that I could lose ten and be very happy but I want to go over to Europe next year, put on a bikini in Spain and get laid, soooooo 15!!

Until next time.
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18 June 2010 @ 11:01 pm
An annual update from your friend, the Pilot. Yes, I know, I constantly slap myself for not getting on here enough. Granted I have like 3 friends on here, but I love you girls and I feel bad for not letting you know what is up with me.

(Oh btw, I'm still as self involved as ever.)

I have fallen in love. Yes, I am prone to falling in love a lot. And yes it is usually with people I can not obtain. Julian Casablancas *tear*, Caleb Followill, Cameron Smith (although he did buy me a drink. so.. score!) But this time I can just feel it. In. my. waters. His name is Gary Lightbody. Sound familiar? Well sure, he is the lead singer of this little Irish band Snow Patrol, and is the most amazing lyricist. And I must have him.

In and around my mouth. ;-)

Sorry. I have been in some kind of Lightbody/Snow Patrol/Irish daze for a week now. It's all I can think about. I am obsessed. Sure it's going to end soon. Or at least the intensity of it is. We all know I have ADD when it comes to my obsessions, they are constantly changing. But when I am in the throes of it, I just have to voice it to just about everybody and I thought that if I wrote it on here, maybe some people in my life would be spared.
I have actually been reading Gary's blog - there is some interesting stuff on there. I didn't realise just how political he was, or how funny. Really, really adorable stuff.

Other than that, there really isn't much else going on. I'm currently meant to be studying. It took me exactly one week to get behind on my uni work. Jack will be so proud. DAMN YOU YOUTUBE!!

Ciao, lovers.

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25 May 2010 @ 04:21 pm
just thought I would alert everyone I know that this picture made me happier than when I bought my ticket to London. Fo shizz.


the boys are back.
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08 March 2010 @ 07:10 pm
What song are you currently addicted to?
And the Boys - Angus and Julia Stone

What books are you currently reading?
De Profundis - Oscar Wilde, The Home and The World - R Tagore and the 3rd True Blood book.

What's the funnest thing you've done today?
Nothing about today was fun. Wait - this quiz.

What is the one skill you wish you had?
Act - well. I would love to be an actress.

Sweet or Salty?

What's your current fandom/obsession/addiction?
Generation Kill, True Blood, Alexis Georgoulis and Ryan Reynolds' upper body.

Cake or Death?
Well cake for sure.

What websites do you always visit when you go online?
Hotmail and Facebook.

What was the last thing you bought?
Roast almond dark chocolate. One of those days.

Which fictional character do you think you're most like?
The Little Mermaid.

Do you get cravings? If so, what do you crave?
Chocolate or potato chips.

What do you do to change your mood?
Listen to Bruce. He always cheers me up.

What was the last meal you ate?
Pasta bake.

Do you want to learn another language?
French or Italian.

Five things you can't live without.
1. My iPod.
2. Jack.
3. Julian Casablancas.
4. Film.
5. TV.

Find the closest book currently sitting near you and flip to page 54. What is the first sentence of the second paragraph?
Much has been made of the dubious, perhaps incestuous nature of Germaine's love for her father. - Madame de Stael

What's something you'd like to say to someone right now?
Please just let me have this night to myself and tomorrow I'll put on the show.

What are you looking forward to?
Europe and the freedom it promises.
Current Mood: melancholymelancholy
09 January 2010 @ 06:32 pm
Reading samescenes's new years resolutions has inspired me to write down my own new years resolutions. 9 days in. but whatever. so here goes:

In 2010, I will begin learning a new language, commit to going to my gym 3 days a week, host an Elvis Presley movie marathon, wear purple eyeliner, cry into my pillow for no reason other than I want to, sleep in till 2pm on a saturday, order a vodka martini and drink it all (that includes sucking on the olive!), see a live band I have never heard of, get a new job, pay back all of my debts, see Eclipse only once in the cinema, make a new friend, watch the sunrise at South Bank after a long night of dancing and drinking, no longer drink in excess, begin nightly meditations, tend to a garden, sell something on ebay, go to europe with my two best friends, go up on stage and karaoke myself silly, go to the beach in a bikini, skinny dip, get a tattoo, go on an adventure, make a three course meal from scratch,

and... appreciate the people around me for all their good (and bad) traits.

oh and be happy. Not just content, but happy.

Happy Belated New Year everyone!!
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download under the cutCollapse )

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30 November 2009 @ 07:23 am

isn't it like only 48 more days til xmas. who's excited?
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02 November 2009 @ 09:44 pm

No particular reason for this post.

I'm feeling sick cause i ate WAY too much bread for dinner.

Feeling guilty cause i didn't go to the gym

Tired because no matter how late i go to bed i will wake up at 6am



And a little lonely.


I miss Jack, and you guys. Honestly, this is one of the only places I get to be my creepy, obsessive, fangirl self. I get blank stares when I mention Christian Bale at work. CHRISTIAN BALE, ladies. Plus, I like the feeling of belonging. It's quite nice.



And how are you all today?

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26 October 2009 @ 07:12 am
*new obsession alert*

as all of you well know, i jump from obsession to obsession on a regualr basis. one week its zac efron, the next chris pine. it's something people have coem to expect. and since i have the life of an 80 year old woman, with 3 cats and arthritis of the feet, my obsessions get every last bit of emotion from me. i pretty much invest myself in every one of them. like right now, its glee. that's pretty much all i'll talk, think, dream about. so of course, on saturday when we went into the video store to get something for jacks bday celebration, i was still thinking, talking and well daydreaming about glee. but then jack and i saw true blood. i had never had any interest in it before - lindsay lohan is a fan. nuff said. but we got it. at least if we watched it and it sucked, we could have another thing to make fun of. cause thats what jack and i do. we are superior to everything. :-)

anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy we put it on.

now i cant speak for jack. i'm guessing the noises coming from her side of the couch meant she approved. but PWOAR. that show. it's like buffy, but with sex. SEX! i love sex! in my opinion thats what makes a show sparkle. tee hee.. sparkle. like edward cullen.

and just this morning i found out that the guy who plays bill compton, stephen moyer, is british. yep. i peed a little.

YAY! i love new obsessions. everything is all fresh and exciting, and i can still watch it without covering my eyes. *tear* ahh supernatural.


that is all.

no wait, here:

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